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Income tax preparation is complicated. Hire a Tax Accountant with IRS experience.12a30539530a243b0a7a0fc5a8397085

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Today,taxpayers have tax returns requiring multiple forms and attachments. Your Tax return will include a Form 1040, that includes all income from W2-, 1099’s and includes personal exemptions, deductions, credits,Schedule A (mortgage interest, property taxes and charitable deductions , EITC worksheets and other .“supporting” documents………Call today, for a free quote at (732).731.9986

Some taxpayers have complex 1040 tax returns that require much more time to complete especially if they have business records that are not summarized nor organized. We offer to complete these tax returns, just not at the fee quoted above. We provide an estimate for your complex returns if you will fax, scan(email), or mail a copy of your prior years tax returns to me today. Just call (732)-731-9986 or e-mail…





“Fair Pricing is Good Pricing.”


The Randazzo Agency prepares U.S. Tax returns for citizens of the United States (or those who have recently moved out of the country). This is very suitable for people who travel and are often out-of-town.  Why ? , CONVENIENCE……….

· No need to change your firm every time you move or relocate
· Year-Round service is easily available to all clients (individuals and businesses). Open all year round.
· SPECIAL ATTENTION is given to people…Tax Payers (TPs)

TP’s who relocate, live and/or work in several states and thus have multiple state returns, or
TPs who have not filed their returns in several years, or
TPs who need their tax returns prepared immediately because they are applying for a mortgage or a loan.

We Specialize in:

  • Income Tax Preparation For individuals and businesses.
  • IRS Payment Plans
  • IRS Offers in Compromise
  • IRS Approved E-Filing

Contact us early in the tax filing season (preferably in December or January) to get your Randazzo Agency Income Tax Preparation Package!….Our way is the easier softer way.